The City of Badolato origins from 1200th century.


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The village of Badolato is 30 kilometres (19 mi) from Catanzaro on Calabria's Ionian coast. Situated approximately 240 metres (790 ft) above sea level, Badolato has several Byzantine churches arranged in the shape of a Latin cross, and many small alleyways characteristic of medieval towns. It is an agricultural center for the area on the Ionic side of the Calabrian mountain range, located on the north-western slopes of Mount St. Nicholas. It occupies a spur between two valleys which open out to the coastal plain below. Above the railway station is the town of Badolato Marina, situated on the SS106 Ionica state highway.


During the Angevin era of the Kingdom of Naples, Badolato was controlled by local lords who took control from Pietro Ruffo, Count of Catanzaro. In 1454, Badolato became a barony held by the Toraldo family until 1596. It then passed to the Ravaschieri in 1596, to the Pinelli in 1692 and to the Pignatelli of Belmonte from 1779 to 1806.